About Skipper’s Pub

Over the past 40 years, Northport’s best pub restaurant has been part of the Long Island community. We serve the best pub food and provide a wonderful atmosphere upholding the heritage and history of shipbuilders and whalers.  Patrons will have a great dining experience served by a caring and professional staff, enjoy the the wall-size murals that remind everyone of the harbor’s sovereignty, and the ambiance of soft lighting at their tables. 

Watching the mooring fields fill up the springs in the evening or seeing the baymen prepare their lobster traps on an early morning has become a tradition while dining. Knowing that Skipper’s Pub has the freshest seafood spot and delicious options of pub food, has become a part of Northport’s fabric of public restaurant experiences.  This tradition has connected so many community members while eating at our pub restaurant. 

No matter where our travels take us, our Northport patrons always look forward to “Turn again home…” to share about their journeys, eat the best seafood, and enjoy time and tradition with friends at the best pub restaurant at Skipper’s Pub.