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About Skipper's Pub


"Sunset and the evening star..." wrote Tennyson, describing the call of the sea and the peace that a sailor knows "When that which drew out the boundless deep - Turns again home."

Over these past two decades many of us have made Skippers a part of our life in Northport. Just as the harbor reflects a bygone era of shipbuilders and whalers, the nautical strength of Skippers provides a wonderful atmosphere that is made genuine by a caring staff, wall-sized murals that softly remind each patron of our unique harbor and a coziness at the tables which the soft lighting only enhances.

For some of us, dinner at Skippers has become as much a tradition as watching the mooring fields fill up in the spring or watching the baymen ready their lobster traps in the morning. It's simply part of the fabric which makes Northport matchless and allows so many of us to share a common bond.

And, no matter where our vacations have taken us, we always look forward to the time when we can "Turn again home..." and catch up with the things that really matter and share them with our friends at Skippers.

Congratulations to Paul and Marie for helping to make Northport special.